Attempts of DIY gardening

It has been a few months now that I’ve tried myself at DIY gardening. In a very controlled manner of a 1 x 2 meter plot at the local community garden. Despite the small size there has been a lot of room for learning, some successes and many failures. What I lack in general knowledge of gardening I make up with spurts of activity (often at the wrong time with the wrong intentions it seems) and experimental aka freestyle gardening.

Some examples…

Trusting that the tomatoes that self-seed in our plot will be tasty ones
To the right of this (rather wild) plot are our equally wild tomatoes. They outgrew anything else in no time, promisingly showed off various green tomatoes. Each plant seemed to have a different shape: from mini cocktail tomatoes to big fleshy Roma-like tomatoes we had the whole lot united by one feature: that of no taste! Really, honestly, openly, they were organic and they were wild, but they tasted like nothing. Worse, some of them just rotted away, hosted wormies (maggots of some sort I guess?), in brief could not be eaten. End of our tomato harvest dreams.

Next year: no tomatoes

Wild tomatoes
Tomatoes gone wild


Throwing out chilli seeds at the wrong time
Really, I should have known better. Encourages by tales of lucky gardeners and the easy to grow stigma of chillies I set out to grow some myself in summer – possibly not the right time of year either. The result? Only few seedlings, all of them struggling…and the few that did emerge at all were then attacked by some chilli-leaf loving bug!

My sad chillies
My sad chillies


Mint really (over)grows in all conditions
There is a rule in the garden that you’re not allowed to grow mint in beds as it tends to overgrow everything else. Naughtily I thought I could just have a few twigs of fresh mint in my plot. I was given a mint (unspecified) for free, so how could I resist? The experiment worked, the mint has successfully outgrown the Nasturtium (!) and is spreading happily. Unfortunately, the mint I have doesn’t have the greatest flavour and the leaves are a bit hairy.

What I believe my (free) mint really is
What I believe my (free) mint really is

Time to demint at the next occasion, i.e. once I have decided what to plant instead.


Time for a plan!
No doubt this is my biggest learning. There is only so much harvest one lucky person can have from wild tomatoes, free mints, and sad chillies without leaves. So coming to the gardening game at the height of summer and without a clue (very much like the first settlers), as a first-year gardener I feel greener & keener than ever to make that plot work for me fulfilling all the promises of fresh herbs, lush lettuces and sweet berries. For this to happen I am preparing myself with a battery of books and sought advice from fellow (and successful) gardeners. May the seeds of carefully selected &  timely sown plants carry the sweet fruits of my ambition! In other words: wish me luck, I need it.


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