Photo Friday: the glowing bottle brush

From the monsoon in South India we arrive in South Australia to a dry spring. Even though the drought has been broken with a spell of wet weather – finally – the native vegetation couldn’t be more different.

Instead of vivid, intense green leaves of generous sizes, the native flora presents itself with small, hardened leaves that are shielded by reflective hairs appearing in silvery to grey green or that are protected by thick cuticles rendering dark green shades.

Unidentified - possibly a convolvulus
Unidentified - possibly a convolvulus

Spring has sprung!
It is a good time for the thirsty land and flora. And otherwise timidly flowering plants boast their beauty.

A regular favourite, the bottle brush is in full bloom: Having only seen it in Europe the sheer size and radiance of the trees are striking.

But it is the brush with its glistening spikes that takes the Photo Friday prize!

Red bottle brush flowerRed bottle brush flower

Brushes in the sky
Brushes in the sky

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