Photo Friday – how wonderful!

There’s the institutional FollowFriday the jolly FunFriday and only today I found out about PhotoFriday. It goes without saying that PhotoFriday here is all about plants, and because it rhymes about flowers.

Today’s picture was taken on Wednesday in the Chelsea Physic Garden. The Monocots construction site has now given way to the Jamaican beds (more on this later). And in the middle of that there is this truly wonderful Mirabilis:

Mirabilis jalapa 'Buttermilk'
Mirabilis jalapa 'Buttermilk'

So far so good. Only that the picture above had to change! Because it was utterly wrong and complete nonsense to display a hibiscus variety – even nameless, bought at some Covent Garden flower shop – in lieu of the true Mirabilis.
MEA CULPA! Shame on me and please forgive me, dear reader, for this glitch.

More than simply pretty to look at M. jalapa seems to show useful – “peculiar” as Peng and co-authors describe it – tolerance to petroleum (and other) soil contaminations. It may therefore be a wonderful candidate for phytoremediation.


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