The other day I adopted a seed

I’m a seed mother now. And like all mothers, a very proud one! Adopting is easy: Pay Pounds – that’s it. You’ll help save some seeds of one of the many species that are at the edge of extinction or already extinct in the wild.

Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank latest fund raising campaign tries to surf on the wave of well-deserved auplause and recognition upon their achievement of having banked 10% of the world’s wild plant species in the Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank located at Wakehurst Place which was announced earlier this week.

There are many reasons why this work is of tremendous importance. I here refer to Steve Hopper’s viewpoint article Bank on seeds – the world’s buffer” and comments. Big deeds are needed.

I started small. £ 25.

And just like everybody who donates I wonder what happens to my donation. I even wonder more so since I’ve worked in a biological science lab before and know that £ 25 won’t even pay for a single PCR reaction. Without being entirely certain I do hope they get further than that and do make the promised “contribution to the ongoing costs of maintaining the Millennium Seed Bank so that it remains an important resource for the conservation of the world’s plant species”.

Why did I not donate more? With £ 1,000 I could have saved an entire plant species and become a plant mother. A truly exciting thought! Unfortunately, not within my monthly spending possibility. Come time, come money, come action.

So far I will content myself with having spread the word about the Adopt a Seed campaign and having contributed a small deed to it.

I thus end the way I end so many posts with a tentative “more later”.


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