Competition: chance to name a species

Have I mentioned that I LOVE the Natural History Museum in London? Despite it constantly suffering from overcrowding, a high noise level and well, some of the exhibits have accumulated quite some dust…I love it – from the building itself to the fantastic shop (also online) where I could spend ours and a lot of money.

Plus, they also send out an interesting newsletter – which makes them stand out from the masses of spammy marketing newletters out there – and their website is very informative.

Now, the news of the day is – you, me, we, the general public, have the cance to name a species! Be Linnaeus for once! It’s a parasitic wasp, leaving lots of room for ourr imagnination to go wild in search of a really nasty name 😉

The concept and the competition is further explained in this Times online article and you can enter your suggestion directly on the Times Science blog. The only annoying thing is that you need to be a UK resident in order to participate – given that not only visitors of the NHM, but also readers of the Times and certainly science itself is international, what’s the point?. Does it have to do with sweepstake regulations and these sort of things???

But for now let me think about my entry…need to come up with a good name until the 18 October!


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